Term & Conditions

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Terms and Conditions

The website is operated by YaminStores and it is an amazon affiliate website. You as our e-commerce online store customer must read the terms and conditions carefully. After reading one must accept and agree to comply with these terms and conditions. Visiting our site, creating an account, and purchasing any products or items means that you are bound to follow the terms and conditions written in this document. The terms and conditions are carefully designed so that you know your rights as a customer. We have the right to change or modify these terms and conditions anytime. Below are the terms and conditions of our website.

Website details:
It is our responsibility as an e-commerce online store to provide accurate and correct details related to a particular product or item. We need to take care of the description and images provided on our website. Through email, phone, or printed communication, we interact with our customers. Therefore, we provide them with accurate information related to colors, appearances, and other product details, etc.

Information on content and pricing:
At the time you place an order, however, we make every possible effort to ensure you that the content and pricing information is correct. We try to review the pricing of our products and updates them regularly. If there is an error before the dispatch of the products, we will inform you as soon as possible. Hence, the customer can cancel the order or offer the option of reconfirming. Our main motive is to provide you good quality content related to product descriptions and accurate pricing.

Acceptance of order:
We will not accept an order if the products or items are out of stock. Some other important things that make us not to accept an order includes your payment method. Therefore, if we suspect that your payment method is not correct or seems to be fraudulent, we will not proceed with the order. Customer validation failure and pricing or product description errors are some other reasons for not accepting the customer’s orders. It is difficult for us to authorize things that are not correct.

General information and guidance:
The descriptions, pictures, illustrations, and any other information on our website are for general information and guidance only. Sometimes there will be a slight difference between the products shown on the website with some variations but they are acceptable. We will try our level best to dispatch your products with a minor or no difference in quality, function, or price, etc.

Registration of the customers:
Our online e-commerce website will provide a unique username and password to all customers. Now as a customer it is your responsibility to maintain secrecy and confidentiality of the usernames and the passwords. However, one must never misrepresent their identity and provides information that is correct and accurate. If the information we found is not correct then we will block the access of the customer to our website. For all the activities which are happening under your username and password, thus, you as a customer are responsible for all the matters.

Customers personal information:
We collect the information of our most valuable customers. As written in our privacy policy, we use the customer’s information. Without the consent of the customers, we don’t share the information with third parties. As a customer when you visit our e-commerce online store, please do read our privacy policy. The privacy policy includes some important information that will benefit the customers in the long run.

Protection for customers:
When a customer visits our online e-commerce store and places an order, thus, we collect some important information. We collect information like the name, email address, telephone numbers, address and debit or credit card information, etc. We maintain the confidentiality of the information provided to us by the customer. We do not sell any customer’s information to third parties. The information used by us is just to fulfill your order requirements properly.

Customers communicating with us:
All the customers communicate with us through our website by visiting us or sending us emails. However, you all are communicating with us electronically. One must provide us a valid email address and phone number. We can contact you through a phone call, SMS, email, or by posting notices on our website. We monitor all communication and in case of violation will take action.

Rights of cancellation:
If the customer changes his or her mind then they can cancel the order at any time. It is the legal right of the customer to cancel any order which they have placed. If for any valid reason customers don’t need the product or item then they can easily inform us and get a refund. However, if the product is sent according to your order specification and we found out that the product is correct then you cannot change your mind.

Account information and billing:
It is the responsibility of the customer to provide us with accurate account and billing information. They must provide the correct information related to their payment method which they are using. However, customers must also provide the correct email address, debit/credit card information, etc. One must update his or her account information and give proper details of the billing methods. We as an online e-commerce store have all the right to cancel any order placed by quantities per person, per household, or order. The reason for cancelling includes the wrong account and billing information.

Modifications and changes in the prices and services:
As an online e-commerce store, it is our right to discontinue any product or service present on our website. At any time we can make changes and modifications to the prices and services without any notice. Whenever you visit our website then you must read all the product or item descriptions carefully. You must check that if there are any changes in the price and services on our website. After reading all the descriptions then one must place an order. To any third party or customers, we are not liable for any modifications and changes.

Right related to products return:
If you find that the product is not up to the mark then it is your right as a customer to return the product. We provide the facility of 20 days free return so within this time frame you can return the product or item. However, the products or items that you will return to us must be in their original condition with proof of purchase. You should also provide us the invoice or receipt of the purchase you have made from our website.

Products delivery options:
When any customers visit our website and purchase any product or item, then we will provide them with the delivery options. Estimated time of delivery will be given by our site but the products or items might get delayed. The reasons can be one that is not under our control like courier delay or some other external factors, etc.

Intellectual ownership:
Our online e-commerce store has intellectual ownership. We will not allow any third party to copy, duplicate, and distribute our content. All the pictures, illustrations, design, graphics, and written content is our website’s property. Strict action will be taken against those who will not follow the rules related to our content.

Third-party links on our website:
Some of the content products and services displayed on our website might come from a third party. Customers directed to third party websites through third-party links are sometimes not affiliated with us. Therefore, we are not responsible for the content or products they are providing as the information might not be accurate. We are also not responsible for any harm or damages a customer might face related to any purchase of products or items and transactions. Before engaging in any transaction the customers must carefully read the third party terms and conditions.


Prohibited uses to consider:
For any unlawful purpose, one must not visit our website. It is strictly prohibited to solicit others to participate in harmful activities. One must not violate any rules and laws related to international, federal, provincial, or state regulations. There should be no abuse, insult, harm, or discrimination related to gender, religion, ethnicity, race, age, and disability, etc.

We are an amazon affiliate website and reserve the right to conduct our business to achieve the goals and objectives properly and legally. If anyone breaches any condition on our website then we have the right to take action against it. We always follow legal and proper rules and regulations.

Any submission by the customer:
Any submission done by the customer like any information, reviews, comments, and suggestions will become our sole property. You also permit us to use your name with any of your reviews or comments. Do not use the wrong email address to misrepresent your identity and pretends to be someone else.

YaminStores may terminate your use of the website or any service at any time. If we found that you have acted unethically, infringed, breached, violated, manipulated, or exploited any of the terms and conditions of the website. Therefore, we will take action. We can delete any content which the customer used on our platform. However, all the transaction details will be preserved with us for tax or any regulatory compliance. It is also our right to terminate any of your accounts if the information which you have provided is not valid. Therefore, we can also terminate any linked accounts without notifying the customers.

Customers comments and feedback:
The customer’s comments and feedback which they left on our website are properly screened. We usually filter or modify those comments which are not suitable and appropriate. However, as a customer, you should provide us with honest feedback so that we can improve our services in the future.

You must acknowledge and undertake that you are accessing products and services on our website and doing transactions at your own risk All the content and materials provided by us is for general purpose only. Either express or implied we don’t make any warranties about the content, completeness, quality, suitability, accuracy, reliability, validity, and legality. We always ensure that the website is up to date, error-free, and running smoothly without any errors.


Changes in the terms and service:
We as an online e-commerce store have all the rights to make any changes to our terms and conditions page. At any time, we can change, modify, or update these terms. It is your responsibility as a customer to periodically visit our website for any changes. If you are continuously accessing our website and using it, hence, this means that you have accepted all the terms and conditions provided by us on this website.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]