Return Policy

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Return Policy

Our e-commerce online store provides the best products and strives for customer satisfaction. We mostly provide men, women, and baby products at highly competitive prices. However, some products do not meet your expectation, so we can help you with the exchange or return. At any time one can exchange the products purchased from our online store subject to their packaging, condition, and attached documents. We believe in a 100% return and give our customers the opportunity of a money-back guarantee.
If the product does not match with the original specification then one can return the product. One can request and eligible for a return if the products or items purchased are in the same condition unused with proof of purchase and a receipt. Therefore, after acceptance of your return, you can make a separate purchase for a new product or item. The policy written below applies to all purchased products from our online e-commerce store.

Reasons for a Product Return:
Due to the following genuine reasons, the customers return the products to our online e-commerce store.

The product purchased from our online store has a manufacturing defect.
Product or item style and size at the time of delivery are incorrect.
The delivered product is not complete according to the customer’s requirements.
Our online e-commerce store shipped the wrong product.
Physically broken or destroyed or defective product or item that is dead on arrival came to the customer, therefore, now he or she wants to return.
Items shown in the catalog differs from the purchased product. Therefore, it does not match the description on the website.
The arrival of the product is too late or the customer does not need the product anymore, thus, changes his or her mind.
Sometimes an upgrade of the product is available, however, customers want to own that product.
After buying the product, the customer’s expectations are not met.

Applicable Return Policy:
Fulfilling some conditions are necessary while returning the product. The conditions are as follows.

User manuals, different accessories, warranty cards, and original tags, must be present with the product at the time of return.
The packaging box of the product must be returned in its original condition.
At the time of return, receipt or invoice must be present.
The product must be unscratched or unused at the time of return.
The return policy is only applicable if the customer receives the wrong product or item from our end.
When a customer receives an order, however, he or she must check the product, otherwise, the return of the product or item will not be entertained.
If you have initiated the return after 30 calendar days have passed, hence, our return policy is not applicable for you as a customer. We have a free 20 days return policy in place.
Depending on the product category and condition, however, your product may be eligible for return as well as for a refund.
All products purchases from any of our categories made online can be exchanged or refunded in-store or by mail.

Cancellation of the Order:
Before the processing of the order, it can be cancelled by the customer at any time. When the shipment occurs of any order from our online-e-commerce store, therefore, the return policy becomes applicable at the same time. We also have the right to cancel any order at any stage due to any uncertain condition. Customer can also cancel the order if they ordered one thing, but instead of the correct order got something else. We are not liable for any shipment delay or cancellation due to any situation that is beyond our control.

Exchange of the Products:
Customers can send us a mail if they need to return or exchange the same item. However, we only accept returns of the wrong or damaged products. If the customer wants to purchase a new item and wants to upgrade then he or she needs to pay the difference in the price. As a customer, you need to pay the shipping cost for the products or items that you will be returning to us.

Stress-Free Returns:
Online shopping makes things easier for everyone, therefore, we have made this return policy so that you can return the wrong items or products. One can return it by mail or in-store. If you don’t find the correct product or item so without any stress or hesitation return us for a full refund. Ensure that there is proper packing of the parcel and return it with an order sheet. It is your responsibility as a customer to mention to us the reason for returning the products or items.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]