Privacy Policy

Privacy Policies

This document of privacy policy describes the customers in detail that how we collect and use their given information. It is our responsibility to protect the data and privacy of customers who interact with our website. Our website collects some useful information about customers like their names, address, telephone number and their emails, etc. The most important address we collect of the customers is their computer’s internet protocol (IP) address. However, this helps us to know what browser the customer is using as well as the operating system. The information we collect is the most authentic and relevant.
We always take the consent of our customers when they place an order, completes the transaction, and share their preferred payment methods. However, customers must also verify their debit or credit card information. We give immense importance to customer’s private data and protect their privacy all the time. All comments and feedback whether positive or constructive given by customers is welcomed by us.
This policy is applied to all our online activities. It does not apply to offline or third-party channels. By using our online store e-commerce website, hence, you agree to all our terms and show your consent to our privacy policy. Anyone from our website team will not sell your personal information to anyone. All the products or accessories we sell come under the warranty section. Therefore, if any product is not up to the mark, thus, we encourage our customers to return the product.

Collection of data:
We are a registered online e-commerce store with a proper legal status. We collect the customer’s data like their names, telephone numbers, postal addresses, and email addresses, etc. The data we collect depends upon our requirements. Apart from the basic information, we also collect the payment details, any debit or credit card information, bank account details. However, the delivery address is also very important as it tells us about the area or location where we will provide the product. We will collect all the information when you will contact us or make a purchase from our online store.

What we do with the data of customers:
To know their needs and preferences we gather information from our customers. Through the collected data we can improve our service quality and provides them with the best products. We can also send them special offers, discounts, and gifts, etc. We can send them promotional email giveaways related to men, women, and baby products. The main purpose of customer’s data is for our internal record keeping. Sometimes we contact you for marketing research purposes.

Cookie policy:
Website stores to collect and save information through a cookie that is a small piece of information. It will make the browser experience faster for the customers. You can create an account on our platform and purchase with us. Cookies help us to analyze website traffic. We can respond to every individual who makes a purchase from our site with the help of cookies. Cookies allow the visitor to use website features like shopping carts and e-billing. We will not recommend our customers to block the cookies as this will affect the user’s website experience.

Customers consent:
Customers provide us their personal information like when they are completing a transaction, placing an order, or return of purchase. We imply that you have given us your concern regarding the data collection. For any marketing reason, we may ask about your consent and you have an opportunity and full right to say yes or no. However, if you change your mind then you can withdraw your consent by contacting us.

Storage of order details:
Our website will provide the customer with a valid username and password. All the history of the orders of the past and present will be saved in your order cart. You can easily access all the information by simply signing in. It is your responsibility to keep the confidentiality of the data related to your passwords or other information. We are not responsible for any use of your personal information like your account or password unless we have been found guilty. You must limit the unauthorized access to your account of third parties.

The information you provide us as a customer will not be lost, misused, disclosed, accessed, altered, or destroyed. We will safeguard your information, hence, it will not be disclosed to third parties. Our website uses strong security protocols and the data is stored on efficient servers. We have the best firewall protection in place and customer’s passwords are also protected. All electronic transactions are encrypted using SSL technology. However, you as a customer should not provide any debit or credit card information. As a customer, you also must protect your username and passwords as internet data transmission is not secure.

Accessing the website through a mobile device:
The data related to your location and mobile device is collected by us. Our system will also collect a unique identifier related to your mobile device. The data we collect also helps us to provide our customers with the best services according to their preferences. We will customize our services accordingly and helps us to give our customers better customer support. Therefore, for new and existing customers our services will become more efficient and customer-centric.

Payments made through other payment processors:
All customers have different preferences related to payment methods. Some customers will make payments through PayPal, Perfect Money, and Amazon Pay, Stripe, and Apple Pay, etc. However, all these payment processors are third-party services. They have their own rules and regulation. The information collected by these third-party payment processors is not available to us. Therefore, it is your major responsibility as a customer to properly read their privacy policy and terms and conditions before submitting any information to us. We are not responsible for any wrong payment processing procedures if you have not carefully read third party terms and their services.

Third-party services:
Our website might contain links related to third parties. Third parties website privacy policies are different from us so the submitted data is not subject to our policy. You as a customer must read the privacy policies of third-party websites properly so that in the future you will not face any difficulty. We will collect the customer’s information and also can use third parties. For instance, if we are delivering any products to you or collecting payments we can use third party services. For marketing and customer service assistance we can use the services of third parties.

Rights of the customers:
Customers have the right to change any information. They can modify and delete their personal information. There are two ways through which customers can change their information. First, they can contact us, or secondly, they can change the information through their account settings. In some circumstances as the customer, you can also limit the information accessed by us. Therefore, you can also restrict the ways we process the information you have provided us.

Disclosure of information:
Without the consent of the customer, we will not disclose or share any personal information of the customer with a third party. First, to provide you better services, we will process your information. Secondly, in any special circumstances if you permit us then only we will use the information. Third, for the legitimate interest of the customer, we will use the information.

Updates related to marketing:
On regular basis, we email our customers but only to those who are part of our website. For instance, if there are any changes in the product or services or notice related to payments, etc., so we will send these notices to your email address. We can also send you promotional emails. As a customer, you have an opt-out choice by contacting our support team. We will process your unsubscribe request and then notify you as soon as possible.

Can children use our website:
Our e-commerce online store is not for children who are under the age of 13. We believe that children of any age must have their parent’s consent. They should not share their personal information at any cost. Therefore, we will not collect any information about children who are under the age of 13. Parents must participate in their child’s web experience and we highly encourage this act. Our site is basically for a general audience over the age of 16 and above.

Some information collected automatically:
Whenever a customer interacts with our website, hence, some important information is collected automatically. Recorded information includes the computer’s IP address, browser information, social media related ID, and URLs accessed. Mostly information that is important to be used is stored in our servers for future use.

ID assigned to a browser:
We give a unique browser ID for all the sites you visit and also for our own e-commerce online store website. The information is stored in a cookie set on your browser. However, this is done to check how many repeat customers are visiting our site. This can also tell us how many unique visitors came to our site. It also helps us to determine which content on our site causes the users to come back and visit our site again and again. Through the browser ID, we can recognize that you are the same visitor as you visit the same site with the same browser.

Sharing of IP address and unique ID with the vendors:
We share your IP address and unique ID with the vendors as they provide us some important services. Our website can also share your site activities. Vendors help us to provide site hosting, database warehousing, and delivery of content to your device from our servers. Other things include inventory management and operations advertising in a proper manner. Apart from that other essential things include different functionalities and service features. However, these include browser notifications, social media sharing, and video players, posting comments, and subscribing to our different email newsletters. Finally, it also includes business and technical performance analytics and security.

Vendors processing of our user’s personal information:
Vendors process the user’s information so that they can provide us good services, check user actions of their business analytics, logging page impressions, detecting fraudulent behavior. However, they can also detect any illegal activity. They also monitor any errors and fix them and provide quality assurance. Monitor proper service functioning, internal research as well as continuously improve their product and services.

Some technical information:
We collect some technical information so that we present you the content in your preferred language as well as the search results. However, we also do our best to present you with the site pages that are best suitable for your device screen and the format. Some additional technical information that we collect includes computer or mobile device type, web browser information, mobile device ID number, screen resolution, and operating system or platform. Apart from that, however, we also collect the settings and preferences related to your browser. This includes your specific time zone, and the language you mostly use and prefer. The information is also linked to your browser ID.

Other sensitive personal information:
Our servers will not collect any sensitive personal information. This includes your ethnic origin, your religion, or other beliefs. We will also not collect any political opinions, your health or biometric characteristics, and any criminal background. However, we also discourage you to never share any information which is not related to our website or online e-commerce store.

Any changes in the privacy policy:
As an online e-commerce store, we have the right to make amendments or changes from time to time. If for any reason we make any modifications or changes, therefore, we will inform the customers promptly. Like the changes, we make from time to time will be posted on this page. We will also inform the customers by the email address which the customers have given us. It is your responsibility as a customer to check the website and visit the privacy policy page so that you will become aware of any future changes.